A Roof for Renegade

We have a HUGE opportunity - help us take it

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raised towards $350,000 goal




We have a HUGE opportunity - help us take it


On January 9, 2023 we closed on our new home. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our community and donors, we now have a Roof for Renegade.

After a little over 100 days in, we have made some big moves.

Here is our first 100 days, by the numbers:

$12,0470 made through our boarding business, Boop and Board. Everything made from this directly supports the rescue, paying for supplies, medical care and more.

$6,512 saved because we can board Renegade dogs ourselves instead of paying for boarding when foster families have emergencies or go out of town.

129 new dogs saved because of the building

50 feral and community cats spayed and neutered thanks to our space

14 dogs treated for heartworms indoors (instead of in their cars at our old space!)

7 puppies born to homeless mama dogs in the building (Mama dogs are now lucky Renegades!)

Our trainers have also been able to host countless playgroups, allowing our dogs to socialize safely while trainers teach their humans about doggy body language and interactions.


We are in the process of rennovating our home with new plumbing and drains, more calming kennels and working to put sunshades and new mulch in our play yards. We need your help to do it!

Every bit helps - thank you so much for your continued support for our capital campaign!


Since our inception in 2019, Renegade Paws Rescue has saved over 3,000 lives as a completely foster-based organization. Now, we have a chance to save even more.

A building that could help us change the course of animal welfare has recently become available that could fit our needs and change the course of animal rescue. We need YOUR help to get it.

This building is currently being used as a dog boarding and grooming business. We would take over this business as a way to fund the rescue.

Space features:

1. A space to board our dogs AND a space to board other dogs to financially support the rescue.

2. A reception room to interact with our community in a more professional and authentic way.

3. Multiple play yards for temperment assessments, training classes and safe playdates. Yards also allow adopters to see dogs off-leash.

4. A functional spay/neuter clinic to provide more free veterinary services to our community via our Community Action Now program, which provides shots, surgeries and food to pet families in our area.

5. A safe, clean, on-site storage space for food and other supplies.

6. A sterile area for medical treatment and care of medically fragile animals such as those with parvovirus or other illnesses.

7. A cat/kitten spaces for our new Renegade CLAWS program focusing on community cats.

Right now, Renegade volunteers can only perform one function at a time at the office - intakes, adoptions, meet and greets, or training. This increased space will allow us to more efficiently manage the time of our office hours, volunteers, fosters, etc.

It means we don’t have to shut down adoption processes in order to provide heartworm treatment. We won't have to outsource all of our boarding needs. The play yards can be used to provide better meet-and-greet experiences for potential adopters. We can increase the number of community spay/neuters each month. And, we can provide training on-site for our foster dogs. It can change the course of Renegade Paws Rescue and animal welfare in the Coastal Georgia area.

Right now, we expect to have to make a down payment of roughly $150k, but we would like to raise more to give ourselves a little wiggle room in case additional repairs come up.

All donations help, and we are grateful for every little bit of support. We also have a few sponsorship tiers:

1. $50,000 donation - Name any room, vet suite, or play yard

2. $25,000 donation - Name a kennel row or hallway

3. $5,000 donation - Name a kennel

4. $1,000 donation - Special stone in our walkway up to the front door

We also have a special $500 dollar "in memory" donation. We would like to create a "Rainbow pathway" on the premises to remember all of the special souls that have changed our lives for the better. If you would like to contribute, please put your beloved friend (dog, cat - even pig) in the comment section of your donation.

In the case that we are not able to purchase this building, all money raised in our capital campaign will go into a savings account for a future opportunity. Having our own building is the next big step for our organization. We want to change the future of animal welfare in the low country. And with your help, we can.